How to Pay

Note: If you are paying by check, please make your check payable to Colchester School Lunch Program.

How Students Purchase School Meals:

In our district, all cafeterias use a computerized cashless payment system. That means that our cashiers are no longer able to accept cash.

Each student has a cafeteria account. Parents deposit funds into this account, so all meals are pre-paid. Students purchase their meals electronically using a PIN number. This number is entered into a keypad at the end of the cafeteria line. Although all students are issued a PIN, our younger students (preschool through grade 2) are not required to use their PIN. We can access their account using their name and photo.

If you are a new student, you will receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN) soon. If you do not receive a PIN, please call your school's cafeteria.

How to Deposit Money into a Cafeteria Account:

With our cashless payment system, parents have a few different options for paying for their child's meals:

  1. Cash or Check Deposit of $3.00 or more sent with your child to school. Always include a deposit slip with your child's name, school and PIN (include the PIN on your check). Please make your check payable to Colchester School Lunch Program. If you are paying by check and have children in different schools, a check must be sent to each school. Although we accept cash, a check is a more secure payment option. Remember, deposit slips are available at every school and on this web site (see the left side of this page). Please make your check payable to Colchester School Lunch Program.

  2. Credit or Debit Card Payment made through the Internet at, with the MySchoolBucks mobile app., or by calling 1-855-832-5226. You will need your child's 7 digit District ID (this is not your PIN number). If you do not have a District ID number, call your school's cafeteria. Note: MySchoolBucks charges a fee for each credit/debit card transaction.

  3. At Colchester High School and Colchester Middle School, students can deposit cash into a kiosk machine at the school. The funds are immediately credited to the student's account. This is an option for CHS & CMS students only.

  4. Free or Reduced Price Meals are available for eligible families.

Remember, your child's cafeteria account works as a debit card and not a credit card. You must deposit funds into the account before using the account to purchase school meals.

What Happens When a Student Spends All of Their Money:

If there isn't any money in your child's account and they are not eligible for free or reduced price meals, the purchase is charged and the student now has a negative balance. This balance must be paid by the next school day.

If a negative balance continues for the next 4 meals, the student will receive an alternate breakfast/lunch until the balance is paid. Students without funds in their account will not be allowed to purchase items from the a la carte line.

District Nutritional Services Contacts

CSD Nutritional Services
PO Box 900, 131 Laker Lane
Colchester, VT 05446

Director of Nutrition & Food Services
Steve Davis
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Free & Reduced Price School Meals Program
Cathy Ward


School Nutritional Services Contacts

Colchester High School
Laura Sumner, Head Cook

Colchester Middle School
Ruth Quintin, Head Cook

Malletts Bay School
Claire Chamberlain, Head Cook

Porters Point School
Barb Iaria, Head Cook

Union Memorial School
Kendy Mayo, Head Cook

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