Head Start serves children ages 3-5 and their families. Services for children promote school readiness, and include early education, health, nutrition, mental health, and services for children with special needs.
Champlain Valley Head Start

Champlain Valley Head Start at Malletts Bay School

Head Start provides a preschool program comprised of learning experiences to foster children’s intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth. Head Start partners with parents around the education of their children, incorporates research-based curriculum, ongoing child outcomes assessment, and periodic family reports regarding children’s progress. Head Start supports children’s social and emotional development as the foundation for healthy relationships and school readiness. Children in Head Start socialize with others, solve problems, and work on basic language and literacy skills. Children learn through play-based activities in safe and nurturing indoor and outdoor environment, and have experiences which help them become self-confident and excited about learning.

Head Start also works with families to support children for optimal health, growth and development by providing nutritious meals, nutrition education, and tooth brushing. Head Start conducts a variety of child screenings including height, weight, vision, hearing, developmental and behavioral screenings. Head Start supports families in assuring that children stay up-to-date on their schedule of well child care, including regular physical exams, dental exams and immunizations, and that children who need follow-up treatment receive timely follow-up treatment for any acute health concerns or issues.

Champlain Valley Head Start

Amanda Bryant
Classroom Teacher

Ylan Roy
Classroom Teacher