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Hello Preschool Families!

This month we are working on our community helpers theme. This week we will be talking about the police station, and I hope to have a police officer come in to visit us. We have a few fun projects to do this week, and later in the week we will be opening a new area the free art space. This is an area that will be open to the children to create their own art with different materials. They get to use their imagination and creativity to become an artist. I cannot wait to see what the children create.

In our dramatic play area we will continue to play in our grocery store. They children are enjoying buying groceries, and using our pretend cash register and money. In our block area I added community helper people, and vehicles for the children to explore. The doll house is a big hit right now as well. We have foam winter animals and pieces in the water table, and our sensory table has potato flakes (pretend snow) and plastic winter animals and tools. We also have a fun red light green light toss game. The children will use a bean bag to toss on the lights. It should be a fun month for everyone.

Our sign in this month is matching our picture to our first and last name. Our greeting song is working on how many syllables are in our name. Ask your child to clap their name for you – practice it at home.

The three year olds have started working on making letters with wooden pieces, and later will use play dough, magna doodles, and writing with chalk to make letters. The four year olds heading to kindergarten have started working on their writing books, tracing letters, and having a better pencil grasp.

*Home School Folders* – will be going out tomorrow. *IMPORTANT* paperwork if you plan to return next year. Please make sure to fill out and return. If you are age eligible to attend Kindergarten (age 5 by Aug 31 2017) but are considering a delayed entry to kindergarten please let me know. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me.

Book orders will be going out and due back by Mon Jan 23.

Thank you,
Darcie Lehouiller

Hello Families!

We hope you have a wonderful and healthy 2017. To protect yourself and your child and stay healthy remind your child to cover their cough and wash their hands often. If you think your child is not feeling well please keep them home and not spread the sickness to others. If you need to call please call the main office 264-5900.

Attached you will find our classroom "WISH LIST". I have had a few parents asking about classroom gifts. If you would like to get the classroom something these are the things we need and use the most. We know that December is a busy time of year this is open to purchase as you would like and bring in to the classroom.

Winter is here—our bus drivers have asked us to share with you that during these next few months the bus arrival time occasionally may be a little later due to road conditions. Please continue to have your child dressed and ready at the bus stop pick up so we can keep as close to schedule as possible.

We will continue to play outside on the playground during these months. The weather will get colder, so please make sure that your child has snow pants, winter hat, mittens, boots, and jacket to wear outside. We try to encourage the children to get dressed as much as they can on their own. Please try to have your child try at home as well to practice. If the weather feels like 10 degrees or colder we do stay inside.

Also please remember to send in indoor shoes for your child to change into or they have to wear their winter boots all day. School requires the children to have footwear on at all times.

Thank you for your continued support!

Darcie Lehouiller

Welcome back Preschool Families!

I hope everyone had a lovely and well rested "break". We will continue to discuss books that were written and illustrated by Eric Carle. This week our books are Draw Me a Star, The Mixed Up Chameleon, and Foolish Tortoise. Along with books on having worried feelings. Our art projects will be creating our own stars, and textured papers that we will later cut into pieces to create different pictures like Eric Carle’s illustrations. I will also be reading Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner. This week we will work on writing our own snowperson book. It should be super cute to see how the children illustrate and add comments in their book.

Our new sign in method this month is having the children look through scrabble letters to spell their name. They will have their name tag to look at to help them with the process as well as teachers.


In our dramatic play area we added baby items like a high chair, baby carrier, and baby bed. The children love playing in the dress up area. We have moon sand in our sensory table to explore and water will be in our water table. Also there are new puzzles, lacing, and board games. As well as a grocery store and little people set, dinosaur k'nex, and our magnet tiles are back. Magnet tiles are one of our favorites, so I am sure the children will be so excited to see that they are back. In our block area we have small matchbox cars and ramps to drive them on.

**PLEASE RETURN** your child's home school folder. I have papers to send home this week, so we will be looking for the folders today and tomorrow.

I am out Thursday and Friday this week. Next week I am out on Tuesday for a preschool yoga conference... I am hoping that I can bring back what I learn and teach the children some new things.

Thank you,

Darcie Lehouiller