UMS Support Services

Welcome to Union Memorial School's Special Education and Speech-Language Program!

Judy Lilley, our Special Educator, and Judy Hillis, our Speech-Language Pathologist, work with many students in grades K-2.

Hi. My name is Judy Lilley. I work with students in the areas of reading, writing, math, and behavior. I work with classroom teachers and parents to provide evaluations and implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEP's). Most students work in the classroom on their individualized goals with modifications in the regular curriculum. Others have a more intensive program requiring individualized workspaces with one-to-one adult assistance. I work closely with outside agencies and consultants to help address the diverse needs of our students at Union Memorial School.

My name is Judy Hillis. I work with students in the areas of oral language, articulation, fluency, voice and hearing. Some students work on goals in their Individual Educations Plan (IEP's), while many others are working on their sound pronunciation through the Speech Improvement Program. I provide screening, diagnostic, consultative, and therapeutic services to students and am a member of the UMS Educational Support Team.