The mission of the Colchester School District is to partner with our community to educate each of our students to become engaged, productive citizens who lead successful, balanced, and healthy lives.
Colchester School District Mission Statement
Colchester Early Education Program creates an environment where children learn along with their teachers in a kind and respectful way. We value each person as an individual with distinct abilities and talents. We offer a hands-on, experiential learning environment where children are encouraged to ask questions and test theories in order to expand their knowledge. We value the home-school connection and consider families and community members an integral part of our learning community.
Colchester Early Education Program Vision Statement

The mission of the Colchester Early Education Program is to:

  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment where children are able to explore and learn at their own pace
  • Accept and value each child and family as unique and individual
  • Create opportunities for families and children to showcase special talents or traditions
  • Respect one another’s thoughts and ideas
  • Foster an environment that enables children to take chances to create new learning
  • Make connections within the community to extend individual learning and the learning environment
  • Support positive social connections and interactions within the classroom and community
  • Seamlessly weave special education and related services into daily activities
  • Promote a culture that encourages life-long learning for children, families and staff
  • Develop a curriculum based on the Vermont Early Learning Standards that incorporates full body learning, all five senses and nature
  • Allow children to become leaders and teachers within the classroom

Our teachers work closely together to ensure a guaranteed, quality curriculum for every student. For more detailed information about our curriculum, please contact Nancy Smith at 802.264.5894.